NAAMLP Scholarship

Are you planning a career in mine land reclamation?

Scholarships are available from the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs.

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2019 Scholarship Information

2018 Scholarship Winners

Eastern Recipient - Bethany Witter, Virginia Tech
Daniel'le DevossBethany Witter is a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in Mining and Minerals Engineering with a minor in Green Engineering. In the summer of 2017, she had a mining engineering internship with Newmont Mining Corporation at the Carlin Surface Location. The summer of 2018, she had an Underground Construction Engineering Internship with Kiewit, at a tunneling project outside of Omaha, NE. She is the two-time president of the International Society of Explosives Engineers at Virginia Tech and was the secretary of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Chapter of Virginia Tech last year. Also, she is an undergraduate researcher studying respirable dust. She hopes these experiences will help her acquire a professional engineer certification and eventually become a chief engineer in a metals, industrial minerals, or rare earth mine. She hopes to spend time working on environmental and reclamation projects during her career. Bethany wants to innovate and design high efficiency, safe mines that provide society with the resources it needs to sustain itself and grow.

Mid-Continent Recipient - Daniel'le DeVoss, Northern Arizona University
Daniel'le DevossDaniel'le DeVoss is a senior at Northern Arizona University studying Environmental Engineering. She gained insight into the importance of mine land reclamation while working during her junior year as a research aid on a project assessing the environmental impacts of acid mine drainage from an abandoned mine in Arizona. She has also completed a summer environmental engineering internship at an active copper mine in New Mexico, where her work focused on remediation and reclamation. Daniel'le is proud to be a first-generation college student and is committed to making STEM fields more accessible to a broader audience. She is an officer and founding member of her university's chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, where she mentors underrepresented engineering students.

Western Recipient - Brianna Mayfield, West Virginia University
Brianna MayfieldBrianna Mayfield is entering her final year as a Master’s student in Applied and Environmental Microbiology at West Virginia University. Her current research investigates the plant-microbe interactions of bioenergy crops grown on reclaimed mined lands. She focuses on probing the soil microbial community to identify key nutrient cycling deficiencies and/or important belowground community networks responsible for the fate of reclamation initiatives. As an undergraduate student, she sought to create molecular-based ecotoxicology field bioassays that could be used to monitor waterbodies and land exposed to acid mine drainage. She plans to put her experience in ecosystem and reclamation health assessment to use through a career in environmental consulting.

Past Scholarship Winners

2017 Jeana Ratcliff Bethany Witter Kyle Wagner
2016 Meg Doolittle Gireesh S.S. Raman Poonam Giri
2015 Abigail Tobin Laura Nugent Kendra Miner
2014 Hannah Angel Mason Oxford --
2013 Jessica Odenheimer Rachel Powel Katherine Stockdale
2012 Evan Thibaud Ashley Hodgson --
2011 Calene Thomas Everett Brill --
2010 Angela Moyer Casey Clark --
2009 Colleen Kenny Melinda Parsons --
2008 Marlene Hanabeck Heather Luinstra --